Every year there is a tech conference taking place in the city I used to reside in. Featuring top speakers, exhibitions and live experiences, this tech conference is a celebration of innovations of today and future possibilities. In 2019, the fourth edition of the event was marked by a trend towards positive innovation ("tech for good"). A telecommunications company is a proud partner of the event. 
They wanted to showcase their support for startups and building of commercial partnerships with them via creative installation during the event. They support all start-ups with technical expertise, professional and material support and financing. The company wanted to showcase the ecosystem of such startups in a coherent, attractive and interactive way. 
The idea my team came up with was a mini network of circulating orange balls above the entire booth, where each ball represents a start-up the company is collaborating with. 
Since the idea was not easy to explain via words to the client, I was assigned to make visual mockups of what it might look like. Here are some of the visuals the team presented when pitching the idea to the client. The pitch went through and in May 2019 the booth was installed. 
Blender 3D
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