Алиппе? Alippe?*  is a virtual sculpture that can be accessed through an Instagram filter. The sculpture is part of the historical research on language policies during the Soviet times and the current desire of Central Asian countries to switch to the Latin script. The arrival of the Bolsheviks removed the Arabic script from Central Asia and replaced it with the Cyrillic script. Most Indigenous languages in Central Asia began using the Cyrillic script in writing. After the collapse of the Soviet Union some Central Asian states switched to Latin, but it is still a struggle. The juxtaposition of solid materials against the wireframes is the commentary on the established status of the Cyrillic alphabet in Central Asian languages and the fragility of the status of the emerging Latin script. The desire to switch scripts is there, but there are obstacles such as time frames, financial and political issues. 
* Alippe -  Kyrgyz: alphabet. 
To access the filter either scan the QR code below with your smartphone, or if you are using a mobile device, click here
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